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Lodging Discount Price
Premier Hotel -CABIN- Asahikawa
57% off $149
JR Inn Asahikawa
31% off $149
Route-Inn Grand Asahikawa Ekimae
28% off $167

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If we had a describe Asahidake in one word, it would be freeriding. With just one lift up, the resort is basically a sidecountry mountain, and where you go if you want to take your skiing to the next level. With no public transport to the resort, driving is essential; especially as there is no lodging nearby. Staying in Asahikawa is a preferable option, which is an hour away although times could vary depending on the winter road conditions.

Asahidake Ropeway

Asahidake RopewayAkakura Kanko
beginner20 %40 %
intermediate50 %30 %
advanced30 %30 %
total runs4 10
ski area20ha -
summit elevation1,600m 1,500m
total lifts1 7
child lift ticketFree ¥3,000 JPY ($40 AUD)
adult lift ticket¥1,200 JPY ($16 AUD) ¥4,300 JPY ($57 AUD)
back country
value for money
average total snowfall--

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Asahidake Ropeway Reviews

Average 3.4 / 5
based on 9 reviews

How well the resort caters for beginner skiers / boarders


How well the resort caters for intermediate skiers / boarders?


How well the resort caters for advanced skiers / boarders


How accessible and convenient it is to get to this resort from a major destination


Quality of the off-piste terrain


Overall value for money of the resort

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Quantity and quality of the snow


How uncrowded is the resort


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How family friendly is this resort?

Family Friendliness
Good!3.8 / 5May 28, 2018
Asahidake Ropeway ReviewsLinda C.
advanced skier
Asahidake is away from the crowds and the basics of only 2 cat tracks and if you venture away from the cat tracks you can be rewarded with chest deep powder! Definitely a must to do if your keen for pow pow!... More
Average!3.2 / 5May 02, 2018
Asahidake Ropeway ReviewsRuairi S.
advanced snowboarder
Some amazing back country and powder, but avoid the groomers unless visibility is poor. Very much a back country paradise for powhounds and experienced skiers and snowboarders. It's a good idea to go with a group here.... More
Average!3.5 / 5Jan 21, 2018
JSJessi S.
intermediate snowboarder
Asahidake Ropeway is actually on an active volcano. This resort has a great amount of powder. The snow is cold due to the height of the mountain. The mountain has limited facilities, but is truly great for powder-seekers!... More
Average!2.5 / 5Dec 13, 2017
SPSimon P.
expert skier
This is not a ski resort. There is only one ropeway which is mainly for summer use, but the insane amounts of light powder snow have attracted many backcountry skiers and boarders. The terrain is not ideal for skiing, as there are many flat areas on the way back to the bottom. The only pistes are a few cattracks which make the flatspots passable.... More
Good!3.5 / 5Dec 07, 2017
SHSam H.
advanced snowboarder
Amazing resort with some of the most scenic views you've ever seen. This is the type of resort and riding you see in DVDs. Not for beginners and a guide is an extremely good idea for all levels at the start at a minimum. Epic tree runs, steep drops and crazy speeds. Love every minute of it but scares the shit out of you.... More
Good!3.8 / 5Dec 06, 2017
PGPete G.
advanced snowboarder
Some of the best snow quality to be found in Hokkaido exists in the area surrounding Asahidake. The access provided by just a quick ride up the Ropeway is incredible. You can easily tour from the top fo the ropeway to the Volcano or just lap the ropeway for days. Only downside is how flat it gets in certain spots which is really only an issue if... More
Average!2.9 / 5Dec 04, 2017
RPRay P.
advanced snowboarder
Backcountry fun! Serviced by a Dual gondola the Asahidake ropeway offers only a groomed access road, the rest is 100% up to you to find your way down. When the weather plays right, there's an abundance of jumps and drops. Possibly some of the best terrain in Japan. If you're new to Asahidake, a guide would be recommended.... More
Good!3.6 / 5Dec 04, 2017
JCJoel C.
advanced snowboarder
A simple rope way up to the top takes you to some of the best powder runs in Japan. It's harsh on windy days so wrap up warm. There are a number of runs a small hike from the top of the rope way as well as the tracked runs. All lead down to a gentle run through the forest to the bottom. It always seems to be quiet with no real queues.... More

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