Cheap airfare, and 7 ways to score a deep discount seat on your next ski/ride vacation

I just read that the average airfare increased this past year by 14%. Well, that's not the whole story. There are more and more fees being added to that base ticket price. You've got to add bag fees, seat selection fees, curbside check-in fees . . . The airlines are even charging more if you want to talk to a live human to book your plane ride. And there sure are no more free lunches. They're charging for a bag of potato chips, a soda. Soon there will be a fee for visiting the bathroom. And there's much more coming, yuck!

So here is a short list of 7 ways to score that cheap seat to on your next ski/ride vacation.


A lot of times there are only a few seats available on a flight that qualify for the really cheap airfares. And if you're lucky there might be one left when you are ready to book. If you search for two seats you won't be shown that cheep seat. But if you search for one seat you will be able to see and book that last cheep seat. Then search and book your second single seat. You've now at least got one seat at the cheapest rate. Just don't put your travelling companion in the middle seat next to the bathroom.

A la Cart vs. All Inclusive

An all inclusive package can save you a bundle. A lot of times airlines and hotels don't want their competitors to know how much they are reducing their rates. So they offer deeper discounts when their product is bundled into a package. Go ahead and shop for the individual components of your vacation. But make sure you price that vacation as a package too. It might save you a bundle.

Search On Tuesdays.

Search the airline sites on Tuesdays. That's the day they post their weekly web specials. Get'em wile they last.

Book Now!

If you know where and when you are going to ski/ride this season, and you're not going for the all-inclusive package, book the air now. Airfare is only going to get more expensive.

Be Flexible.

Check the weeks before and after your ideal travel time. There may be some savings to be found.

Go Direct.

Most airlines give better prices to skiers/riders who book directly with them. They can do this because they don't have to pay commissions. Ya, so most of you know this one. Just expect to pay more if you end up calling them instead of booking through their web site.

Sign Me Up.

Airlines offer discounts of up to 20% to skiers that sign up for their newsletters or frequent flyer programs. More spam?

Hope these tips help you get that cheap seat.